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Susan Binet is a registered nurse and a trained first responder in the New York City Medical Reserve Corps. In that capacity, she assists some of the elderly residents at Westbeth. Prior to 1970, when Susan moved to Westbeth, she had a background in theatre and dance in Ohio. She appeared in productions at the Kettering Oakwood Theatre and the Dayton Theatre Guild and on local television in dance performances. Early on at Westbeth, she served on the board under the leadership of Joan Kaplan. She participated in the "Women's Collective," a literary and performing arts venue and performed in "Global Groove," a creation of video pioneer and artist Nam June Paik. She executed costumes for a dance company and fabrications for a visual artist's presentation. Currently the corporation's secretary, she has devoted many years of service to Westbeth, including a stint as president of the Westbeth Artists-Residents Council.